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Stevans Construction & Fine Homes General Contractor, Home Builder and Roofing Company
Stevans Construction & Fine Homes General Contractor, Home Builder and Roofing Company
Stevans Construction & Fine Homes General Contractor, Home Builder and Roofing Company
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Remodeling in Andrews, Midland and Odessa

As a company that has been specializing in building new custom homes for nearly a decade, when it comes to remodeling we’ll provide you with only the best in design, planning and construction.

Even if you’re just planning to remodel one room of your home, it’s a process that you’ll want the best remodeling contractors on board for. Ensuring that you have a team that is honest, up-front, and invested in keeping you involved every step of the way should be your top priority as a homeowner beginning a renovation.

Stevans Construction & Fine Homes employs only the most qualified, certified remodeling contractors to be a part of our crew. Give us a call today and see what experience can do for you!

Renovating for Yourself

There are a few reasons someone might choose to remodel parts or all of their home in Andrews, Midland and Odessa. Either they’re looking for a change and want their house to suit their design sense better, they need to renovate due to the old age of their home, or they’re looking to renovate and immediately sell their home for a higher price.

Each of these directions require a different eye on the situation, and at Stevans Construction & Fine Homes, we can provide all the knowledge you need for whatever type of remodeling you’re pursuing.

If you’re renovating for yourself, you have freedom of creativity! Whether you come to us with a fully fleshed out idea or need our design assistance, we can lend as much or as little suggestion as you like.

Necessary Renovations

Not all renovations are fun, but they can result in a more efficient household. Bathroom and kitchen renovations are two of the most valuable choices in home improvement due to their high return on investment, and between the two if you choose to update your appliances, lighting, and more, you’ll be saving yourself a lot in monthly energy bills!

Old homes are beautiful and many of our Andrews, Midland and Odessa clients prefer them. But just be aware that they’re going to require some extra TLC to function up to modern standards!

Renovating to Sell

If you want to invest in a few renovations to up the value of your property, you’ve come to the right place. At Stevans Construction & Fine Homes we don’t just pride ourselves on our hands-on experience, but on our design knowledge as well.

We’ll always recommend kitchen and bathroom renovations as well as basement finishing for clients who are looking to raise their property value and impress home buyers!

Full-Service Home Remodeling in Andrews, Midland and Odessa

Stevans Construction & Fine Homes has been building their local reputation in the construction industry for nearly a decade now, providing every one of our valuable clients with the service they want and deserve.

Whether you’re looking to do a bit of home improvement on multiple rooms or focus on high ROI projects such as bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, and basement finishing, Stevans Construction & Fine Homes should be your first phone call every time.

Ready to get started? We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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