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Stevans Construction & Fine Homes General Contractor, Home Builder and Roofing Company
Stevans Construction & Fine Homes General Contractor, Home Builder and Roofing Company

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Prefab for the New Homeowner

Over the past years, factory-built, or “prefab” homes, have been shedding their image of being the cheap option. Not to be confused with affordable, which they still are. The quality of prefab homes has increased immensely! They are a great option for anyone who wants to own their home quickly without breaking the bank.

Did you know that not only the Sydney Opera House but also the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world, are both prefab structures? This style of construction beginning in Europe after World War II has had a lot of time to evolve and become just as strong as a stick built structures.

At Stevans Construction & Fine Homes, our goal is to empower potential new homeowners with choices that can get them where they want to be faster, without skimping on quality.

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Impressive Homes, Impressive Price

When many people picture prefab homes, they picture a trailer park. While that style of housing is a prefab home, there are so many more options available! Your prefab home can be as big or as small as you like. Tiny homes? Those are prefab. The two types of prefab homes include:


Manufactured homes are built and assembled entirely in factory. By the time they arrive on your property, all that has to be done is place it and move in. They are the most affordable housing option on the market, coming in single, double and triple-wide sizes.


Modular homes are what the Sydney Opera House and Burj Khalifa would fit into. Pieces are assembled in factory and then brought to a build site where they are put together. This is different from stick building in that the pre-assembly speeds up the process immensely.

The Prefab Advantage

In today’s market, it can be very difficult to own your home outright. Many people are choosing more affordable condos, or even staying in a rental home or apartment. Owning a home can increase your privacy, and give you a sense of pride. The freedom of being able to do what you like to your property is a plus, and in many cases the value of your home will increase over the years.

When you choose to go prefab, you are fast-tracking your path to home ownership.

If you buy manufactured, you are buying affordability, flexibility and more often than not, an eco-friendly home. Manufactured homes do not generally increase in value unless you own both the home and the land that it’s on. But it’s a great option for a starter home, or a forever home fitting into a minimalist lifestyle.

Modular homes give you exactly what a stick built home would. Endless opportunities for customization and appreciating value all for a far lower price than a full custom build.

Realize Your Dreams

At Stevans Construction & Fine Homes we live for helping you realize your dreams. Being a homeowner isn’t as difficult as you would think, and with manufactured or modular homes you can move in to your very own house within months!

Call us today to discuss which option is right for you.

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